Source: KarmArøm

it’s your birthday

the very first

your eyes are firmly shut

you know nothing and this is why you scream

you have arrived in a small room

you sit and flail in the small room and scream for possibly hours

and when you have finally exerted yourself
exhausted by your own confusion

your scream is suddenly followed by another

that is louder and more piercing than your own

who is in this small room with you?

you gently tap over your eyelids and wake them up


there is another here

that sounds like you

seems to look like you

and feels like you too

you don't know what to call it yet
but you'll come back for the idea soon

okay what now?

what else is there here?

how do we use your new features?

I spy...

with these new eyes



something bright, sitting in something dark sees you too

as you squeal and fidget

it beams over your small room

and stings it's shine in your new eyes

it tells you to use your something wings to fly to somewhere far before it's too late

and you think you want to, you really think you do...

but you don't know how but maybe you'll know soon

then something bright, sitting in something dark says

there isn't much time

hurry up, hurry up it's not that hard…

and you believe you want to, you believe you really do...

but you haven't figured it all out

you look to the sounds like you

seems like you

feels like you

and call them your brother

you tell brother,

about his something wings and the somewhere far...

you tell brother,

that the something bright sitting in something dark says we need to

hurry up, hurry up because it’s not all that hard...

and if we both fly together we could figure it out

but I spy... something wrong

a great shadow brushes strokes over you and brother the great shadow takes

your something wings and lifts you




and the scream of brother rattles the small room you arrived in where you once knew nothing

the great shadow looks like you but not you now...

what you could be...

when you are here longer

with your new eyes you look into the great shadow

they are the eyes that birthed you and you call them mother

but mother won’t put you down

mother dangles you over the small room

where you now know a few things

but you are not ready yet

you can not fly

your something wings beat for the very first time

and your last

and as you fell through the earth

you scorched the soil

your blood was not yours to keep anymore

so it set on fire

it bubbled

it raged

it squealed inside your frame

but the earth was gentle with your restlessness

you took your claws

pricked your something wings

and drained yourself dry

the pink matter burst at the seams

and all the noise stopped inside

much better

much lighter

much much much quieter

the earth carefully carried you somewhere far

but you feared it wasn’t the same somewhere far, something bright sitting in something dark meant

the earth wouldn’t say when you would arrive

but that rest would suit you well when you do



there are so many ways you haven’t used them

but it didn't matter

because these eyes were not yours to keep anymore

they belong to the land of the living

and so they itched

they oozed

they withered inside your frame

but the earth was gentle with your denial

you were so determined to come back to life

and the best part

you didn’t even know why

you knew nothing about being alive

you took your claws and dug into your new eyes

you carved out two black holes and climbed inside

but the somewhere far wasn’t going to get any closer

just because you wanted it to

you ran

with no feet

you raced to nothing at all

and as you chased your own tail

the earth was gentle

with your naivety

on your search for a pulse

you bargain with blood

you want to go back

you beg the bone

you want everything NOW

you think maybe

if you didn’t scream so loud

mother could have been gentle just like the earth was

you weep for the now

but it doesn’t weep for you

it doesn’t care at all

you took your claws and stabbed in the dark

piercing through a pain that may or may not belong to you

you interrogate the journey and mock the destination

but still the earth was gentle with your damaged heart

exhausted from the fear of your own reflection

you finally surrender to sleep

and when you wake

it’s your birthday

the very first

Source: Estúdio Desi Santos