Wife was putting the kids to bed

when I got in 

I’ve got a lovely wife

Good human wife



Soft knees

She called out to me from the third floor

Honey, that you?

I was indeed the you she was referring to so the answer

Yes dear 

Felt appropriate

I was one foot in a thought that felt ten feet too big to be thinking

If I didn’t do anything about it, I could carry on 

and clear my head by washing unnaturally sharp spoons before bed, 

But I knew it was time to take control and get out the passenger seat of my own misery

It may have sounded like a lie, but how could it when it pointed me to the truth


I forgot my inhaler at the aquarium

I’m going to pick it up.

I didn’t have much time to turn on my heel before my wife descended the staircase to interrogate my motivations holding the six emergency inhalers we keep by our bedside table  I’ll be back before the mid nights hour! 

I take my only human keys and get in my only human car with my only human confusions and drive down only human roads lit by

red, green and amber lights that don’t judge my only human desires

I turn the knob to 99.9 classic fm and

complicated strings fill the car

It’s a cello solo 

Probably played by a beautiful person 

I hope they’re a liar too

I stumble out the car

and walk up a freshly paved ramp

I take the keys I’m not allowed to use past 6’clock

and I’m inside 

The alarm sounds a warning, 

I push the faded buttons and silence fills the concave hall

Blue fluorescent light floods into my eyes and I’m under a spell

I know the way to you with my eyes closed 

Past the jelly fish 

Take a right at the seahorse

Another right at the plankton

And there you are. Hi.

I don’t mean to catch you off guard

I know I shouldn’t be here

But you were in 3 of my last 6 dreams

And I can’t stop thinking about the way you move

How you send chills through my hands

You have 8

but I have 2

And I want to use them to touch you

if you want to be touched that way of course

I just think we could spend some time together

I know you live in the water

But that shouldn’t stop us


I like you

I like how you camoflauge when you get shy

And your way with words

So I tried to use some words to

tell you how I feel
How you make me feel…

I wrote you a song

Source: Firefly Atelier Design